DSCN2831The Urban Crafter strives to offer craft workshops with a stylish, social twist because we can create and have a good time while we learn, create and grow.  The Urban Crafter  is also able to help you create bead parties, bridal parties and custom events…you provide the guest and we talior (custom fit) the event to your needs.  Onsite or offsite events are welcome.

The Urban Crafter has offered workshops since 2000 but the craft studio and a retail shop – Pomegranate Seeds was added in 2007!

One business with two value-streams = The Urban Crafter and Pomegranate Seeds is one business, each seed just offers a different value to our customer.

The seeds of creatively and community under guise of beads.

Store & Rental Unit 019

You are invited to:

  • Learn a new skill in a short time
  • Try something new in an learner supported environment
  • Make friends and DIY (Do it yourself)
  • Social learning by connecting with your community and the crafts you create

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